How Our Escape Games Work

Choose Your Team

Get some friends together, then...

Pick a Game

Choose one of your room themes (3 for adults, 2 for kids!)

Solve the Puzzles

Locate clues, decipher riddles and solve puzzles while the clock ticks!

Breakout of the Room!

Solve the room's mystery and escape before your time's up!

Great to play with family & friends. Perfect for gamers, travelers and team building!


$25.00 per person for adult games (Ages 12+)

$15.00 per person for kid games (Ages 8-14)


$250: 8 adult game tickets + 1 hour party room rental

$150: 8 kid game tickets + 1 hour party room rental

Room Themes



North Korea has launched a nuclear missile at Honalulu, Hawaii. The U.S. missile defense has been infiltrated and sabotaged by the North's agents. There is hope, however. One of the saboteurs was a South Korean double agent who has left your team clues to repair the missile defense and shoot down the missile before the Pacific Paradise is destroyed.

The Last Pyramid

The Last Pyramid

Enter the tomb of the Last Egyptian pharaoh and discover what magnificent treasures are hidden therein. Can you make your way out before you are sealed in with him forever?

Who Killed Agent Echo?

Who Killed Agent Echo?

The Agency's best operative has been murdered. Before his death, he sent communications to HQ indicating he was on to something big. You and your fellow operatives must search Echo's apartment and find clues to what he knew and who thought he knew too much.

School's Out and The Candy Caper

School's Out

You fell asleep at school and he custodian locked you in! Can you find your way out by solving his clever puzzles?

The Candy Store Caper

BonBon's BonBons is unveiling a brand new candy tomorrow. Can you sneak in, grab the candy and escape before you get caught?


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